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Certificate 5435

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Safety and Security

Transport Dangerous
Goods Directorate
330 Sparks Street
Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0N5
Sécurité et sûreté

Direction générale du
transport des marchandises dangereuses
330, rue Sparks
Ottawa (Ontario) K1A 0N5

Equivalency Certificate

(Approval issued by the competent authority of Canada)

Certificate No.: SH 5435 (REN 17)

Certificate Holder: Chart Inc.

Mode of Transport: Road

Issue Date: 2016-11-07

Expiry Date: 2019-03-31


This Equivalency Certificate authorizes Chart Inc., to handle, offer for transport or transport, and authorizes any person to handle, offer for transport or transport by road vehicle, dangerous goods that are:



in a manner that does not comply with subsection 5.1(2), section 5.2, and subparagraph 5.10(1)(a)(iv) of the Transportation of Dangerous Goods Regulations if:

(a) the dangerous goods are contained in portable tanks that comply with the requirements of specification TC341 of CSA Standard B620-1987, "Highway Tanks and Portable Tanks for the Transportation of Dangerous Goods",

published in October 1987 and amended in February 1992, except as follows:

(i) Clause 5.1.3 - relating to the design of the bumpers,

(ii) Clause - relating to manholes for oxygen service,

(iii) Clause 5.9.6. - relating to rollover protection for piping,

(iv) Clause - relating to frameless highway tanks,

(v) Clause 5.9.11 - relating to marking;

(b) the tank supports and attachment to the tank are in compliance with the requirements of clauses 13.203.10, 13.203.11, 13.203.12, and 13.203.13 of the IMDG code, 1994 Edition, amended in 1998;

(c) the portable tanks are identified by the list prepared and submitted on behalf of MVE, Inc., filed with the Transportation of Dangerous Goods Directorate and attached as Appendix A;

(d) the certificate number "SH 5435" is marked in a clearly visible location, on the portable tanks, in letters and numbers no less than 100 mm (4 in.) high; and,

(e) the portable tanks are selected and used in accordance with CSA B622-09, "Selection and use of highway tanks TC portable tanks, and ton containers for the transportation of dangerous goods, Class 2", January 2009, as though they were TC11 portable tanks except that the portable tanks may be periodically inspected, tested, and marked by a facility registered for inspection and testing of either TC11 tanks, TC341, or TC338 tanks, in accordance with Clause 8 of CSA Standard B620-09, "Highway tanks and TC portable tanks for the transportation of dangerous goods", January 2009;

(f) in addition to the requirements of Part 6 (Training) of the Transportation of Dangerous Goods Regulations, the certificate user ensures that the personnel handling, offering for transport or transporting the dangerous goods is trained in regards to the conditions of this Equivalency Certificate.

Note: The issuance of this Equivalency Certificate in no way reduces the certificate holder's responsibility to comply with any other requirements of the Transportation of Dangerous Goods Regulations, the Technical Instructions for the Safe Transportation of Dangerous Goods by Air, the International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code, and the Canadian Aviation Regulationsnot specifically addressed in this certificate.

Signature of Issuing Authority

Image in permit

David Lamarche


Permits and Approvals division

(The following is for information purposes only and is not part of the certificate.)

Contact Person:

Bruce Sanborn

407 Seventh St NW
NEW PRAGUE Minnesota
56071 United States of America (the)





Explanatory Note

This Equivalency Certificate allows the applicant to carry dangerous goods in non-specification portable tanks that are not in compliance with the Transportation of Dangerous Goods Regulations. The equivalent level of safety is achieved by adapting an existing highway tank specification to apply to a portable tank as outlined by the conditions of this certificate. When this certificate (permit) was first issued in 1999, there was no portable tank specification available for refrigerated liquefied gases. The TC11 portable tank specification was developed and adopted in CSA B620. Since new tanks can be constructed to this TC11 specification and there has been ample time to identify any existing tanks to be covered by this certificate, no further tanks will be added to the list in Appendix A.

Legend for Certificate Number

SH - Road, SR - Rail, SA - Air, SM - Marine

SU - More than one Mode of Transport

Ren. - Renewal


Appendix A


HL-190 9912579 787 Alta Genetics 1997

HL-190 9912579 790 Alta Genetics 1997

HL-190 9912579 792 Alta Genetics 1997

HL-600 9912679 276 Alta Genetics 1996

HL-600 9912679 277 Alta Genetics 1996

HL-190 118427.524 125 Alta Genetics 1973

HL-190 9912579 875 MG of Canada 1993

HL-190 9912579 876 MG of Canada 1993

HL-190 NB#433 127 ABS 1973

HL-190 5709 495 ABS 1982

HL-190 4832 421 ABS 1981

HL-190 7360 616 ABS 1984

HL-190 NB# 11754 695 ABS 1986

HL-190 780 Proresp 1989

HL-190 9912579 877 Proresp 1993

HL-190 865 All-Can Med Inc. 1992

HL-190 9912579 880 All-Can Med Inc. 1992

HL-190 670 Eastern Breeders 1986

HL-190 671 Eastern Breeders 1986

HL-190 742 Eastern Breeders 1988

HL-190 746 Eastern Breeders 1989

HL-190 848**Nat. Bd. 47161 Eastern Breeders 1992

HL-190 9912579 848**Nat. Bd. 55709 Eastern Breeders 1998

HL-190 9912579 918 Eastern Breeders 1993

** Two tanks issued with same serial number in error. Differentiation is by year of manufacture and National Board number. Both these identifiers are marked on the specification plate.


HL-190 9912589 883 BC Artificial 1997

HL-190 9912589 886 BC Artificial 1997

HL-190 9912589 887 BC Artificial 1997

HL-190 9912589 888 BC Artificial 1997

HL-190 9912589 903 BC Artificial 1994

HL-190 119 Vitalaire 1993

HL-190 144 Vitalaire 1993

HL-190 203 Vitalaire 1994

HL-190 152 Vitalaire 1993

HL-190 164 Vitalaire 1993

HL-190 613 Westgen 1984

HL-190 NB# 28774 761 Loeppky's A.I. Service 1989

Appendix A


HL-300 10889211 389 Vitalaire 1997

HL-300 10889211 391 Vitalaire 1997

HL-500 10658412 101 Vitalaire 1994

HL-500 10658412 102 Vitalaire 1994

HL-500 10658412 103 Vitalaire 1994

HL-500 10658412 104 Vitalaire 1994

HL-500 10658412 105 Vitalaire 1994

HL-500 10658412 106 Vitalaire 1996

HL-500 10658412 107 Vitalaire 1996

HL-500 10658412 108 Vitalaire 1996

HL-500 10658412 109 Vitalaire 1997

HL-190 244 Medigas 1995

HL-190 495 Medigas 1996

HL-190 721 Medigas 1997

HL-190 732 Medigas 1997

HL-190 783 Medigas 1997

HL-190 808 Medigas 1997

HL-190 838 Medigas 1998

HL-190 901 Medigas 1998

HL-190 537 Huronia Respiratory Care 1996

HL-190 404 Nitrogen Services Ltd. 1981

HL-300 234 Nitrogen Services Ltd. 1979

HL-600 259 Nitrogen Services Ltd. 1990

HL-300 264 Airgas Canada Inc. 1982

HL-300 Nat'l Bd # 8314 272 Airgas Canada Inc. 1985

HL-190 188 Gencor

HL-190 834 Gencor

HL-190 844 Gencor

HL-190 431 Alta Genetics Inc. 1973

HL-190 646 Gencor 1984

HL-190 653 Alta Genetics Inc. 1997

HL-190 790 Alta Genetics Inc. 1997

HL-190 812 Alta Genetics Inc. 1991

HL-190 789 Alta Genetics Inc. 1997

HL-190 792 Gencor 1997

HL-600 147 Alta Genetics Inc. 1973

HL-600 223 Alta Genetics Inc. 1984

HL-600 242 Alta Genetics Inc. 1986

HL-600 253 Alta Genetics Inc. 1988

HL-600 227 Alta Genetics Inc. 1995

HL-600 276 Alta Genetics Inc. 1995

HL-600 151 F&R Steel Craft 1974

HL-600 146 Alberta Breeders Service 1973

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