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Certificate 10717

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Transport Dangerous
Goods Directorate
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Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0N5
Sécurité et sûreté

Direction générale du
transport des marchandises dangereuses
330, rue Sparks
Ottawa (Ontario) K1A 0N5

Equivalency Certificate

(Approval issued by the competent authority of Canada)

Certificate No.: SR 10717 (Ren. 3)

Certificate Holder: Innu Namesu Ltd.

Mode of Transport: Rail

Issue Date: August 16, 2016

Expiry Date: August 31, 2018


This Equivalency Certificate authorizes Innu Namesu Ltd., to handle, offer for transport or transport, and authorizes any person to handle or transport, on behalf of the certificate holder,by railway vehicle, dangerous goods that are UN0332, EXPLOSIVE, BLASTING, TYPE E, Class 1.5D, Packing Group II, in a manner that does not comply with paragraph 1.8(a) of the Transportation of Dangerous Goods Regulations if:

(a) the dangerous goods are loaded in a highway tank trailer;

(b) the highway tank trailer is not transported together with its tractor and the use of the highway tank is consistent with the regulatory requirements for the transportation of dangerous goods by road, including the requirement to have a copy of the shipping documents with the vehicle;

(c) the total Net Explosives Quantity of all dangerous goods of Class 1, Explosives, on the train, inclusive of the highway tank, is less than or equal to 20 000 kg;

Equivalency Certificate

(Approval issued by the competent authority of Canada)

SR 10717 (Ren. 3)


(d) before the person responsible for the road transport of the dangerous goods releases the highway tank to the rail carrier, that person inspects the attachment points of the tank to the trailer frame to detect any condition that may compromise the integrity of the securement of the tank to the frame, ensures that the highway tank has all valves and closures, at the exclusion of the pressure relief valve, securely closed and capped, as applicable, and reports the results of this inspection and this verification to the rail carrier;

(e) the railway vehicle carrying the highway tank trailer is equipped on each of its draft sills with an end of car cushioning device meeting the requirements of the Association of American Railroads (AAR) Standards M 921B or M 921E;

(f) the forward end of the highway tank trailer is secured to the railway vehicle with an AAR approved intermodal trailer hitch; the rail carrier personnel has verified that the king pin of the trailer is engaged and locked in the trailer hitch; the rear end is secured in accordance with the requirements of the AAR Open Top Loading Rules Manual for "Trailers, all types", and the landing gear and bumper are not used for securing the trailer to the railway vehicle;

(g) the make-up of the train is such that the railway vehicle carrying the highway tank is as close as possible to the rear of the train, is not coupled to another railway vehicle on which a placard has to be displayed in accordance with the requirements of Part 4 of the Transportation of Dangerous Goods Regulations and, if possible, is separated from the locomotive by at least five railway vehicles;

(h) the highway tank is transported by rail from either Sept-Îles, QC by the Quebec North Shore and Labrador Railway (QNSL), or Ross Bay or Emeril Junction by the Tshiuetin Rail Transportation Inc. (TSH) railway and transported from either location by rail to the Tata Steel Minerals Canada Ltd., Schefferville, QC;

Equivalency Certificate

(Approval issued by the competent authority of Canada)

SR 10717 (Ren. 3)


(i) the highway tank is marked "SR 10717" in characters at least 50 mm high, in a contrasting colour and in a clearly visible location;

(j) the shipping document includes the following information legibly and indelibly printed:

"Equivalency Certificate No. SR 10717 (Ren. 3)"

Note: The issuance of this Equivalency Certificate in no way reduces the certificate holder's responsibility to comply with any other requirements of the Transportation of Dangerous Goods Regulations, the Technical Instructions for the Safe Transportation of Dangerous Goods by Air, the International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code, and the Canadian Aviation Regulationsnot specifically addressed in this certificate.

Signature of Issuing Authority


David Lamarche P. Eng., ing.


Approvals and Special Regulatory Projects

Equivalency Certificate

(Approval issued by the competent authority of Canada)

SR 10717 (Ren. 3)

(The following is for information purposes only and is not part of this certificate.)

Contact Person: Jim Kasemets

President and General Manager

Innu Namesu Ltd.

25 Union Street

P.O. Box 605

Corner Brook NL A2H 6G1

Telephone: 709-639-9179

Facsimile: 709-639-7303


Explanatory Note

This Equivalency Certificate authorizes the certificate holder to transport, on a railway flat car, explosives contained in a highway tank. The products transported are essential to the running of the mine located near Schefferville, QC. The site is only accessible by rail or by air. The railway is not connected to the North American system, but is confined to the Sept-Îles, QC - Schefferville, QC line, which crosses through a very sparsely populated area. The conditions of this certificate include: the use of modern highway tanks equipped with sturdy valves and closings, and flat cars equipped with special devices to reduce the forces resulting from impacts with the car couplings; requirements respecting tiedown of tanks to cars; and some train make-up requirements to limit the risks to which the railway's employees, the environment, and the general public are exposed. This certificate meets a specific transportation need while ensuring an equivalent level of safety.

Legend for Certificate Number

SH - Road, SR - Rail, SA - Air, SM - Marine

SU - More than one Mode of Transport

Ren. - Renewal

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