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Certificate 0330

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Sécurité et sûreté

Direction générale du
transport des marchandises dangereuses
330, rue Sparks
Ottawa (Ontario) K1A 0N5

Equivalency Certificate

(Approval issued by the competent authority of Canada)

Certificate No.: SH 0330 (REN 22)

Certificate Holder: Canadian Food Inspection Agency

Mode of Transport: Road

Issue Date: 2017-03-10

Expiry Date: 2019-03-31


This Equivalency Certificate authorizes the Canadian Food Inspection Agency to handle, offer for transport or transport, by road vehicle, dangerous goods that are UN3373, BIOLOGICAL SUBSTANCES, CATEGORY B, Class 6.2, in a manner that does not comply with paragraph 3.5(1)(d), subsection 5.1(1), and section 5.16 of the Transportation of Dangerous Goods Regulations, if the dangerous goods are carcasses of dead animals or body parts thereof, and other animal excreta destined for disposal, if:

(a) the dangerous goods are carried in a closed transport unit:

(i) that is:

A) leak-proof by way of impervious interior surfaces that are free from cracks or other features that could cause an accidental release of the dangerous goods, or

B) fitted with an impervious liner with a minimum thickness of 75 μm (3.0 mil) that covers the entire floor and the four sides of the transport unit from the floor to a minimum of 30 cm above the maximum height of the consignment,

(ii) used in dedicated service during the transportation of dangerous goods or contaminated materials that have come in contact with the animal waste,

(iii) maintained at or below a temperature of 4°C if the dangerous goods are contained in the transport unit for 12 hours or more,

(iv) locked during transport and storage incident to transport so as to prevent unauthorized entry, and

(v) thoroughly cleaned and disinfected prior to reuse;

(b) the dangerous goods that can be practically contained in the packaging specified in Appendix A of this certificate are packaged;

(c) when the dangerous goods are contained in packaging, it is secured and adequately segregated from unpackaged dangerous goods during transport to prevent contamination, movement or damage to the packaging;

(d) the shipping document includes the following information, legibly and indelibly printed, in addition to the requirements of Part 3, not including paragraph 3.5(1)(d), of the Transportation of Dangerous Goods Regulations:

(i) where whole carcasses of animals are transported, the number and type of carcasses to which the shipping document relates,

(ii) where packages containing the dangerous goods are transported, the number of packages to which the shipping document relates, and

(iii) "Equivalency Certificate No. SH 0330 (Ren. 22)";

(e) in addition to the requirements of Part 6 (Training) of the Transportation of Dangerous Goods Regulations, the certificate holder ensures that the personnel handling, offering for transport or transporting the dangerous goods is trained in regards to the conditions of this Equivalency Certificate.

Note: The issuance of this Equivalency Certificate in no way reduces the certificate holder's responsibility to comply with any other requirements of the Transportation of Dangerous Goods Regulations, the Technical Instructions for the Safe Transportation of Dangerous Goods by Air, the International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code, and the Canadian Aviation Regulationsnot specifically addressed in this certificate.

Signature of Issuing Authority

Image in permit

David Lamarche

Chief, Permits and Approvals division

(The following is for information purposes only and is not part of the certificate.)

Contact Person:

Paul Langan

National Laboratory Safety and TDG Coordinator

Canadian Food Inspection Agency

174 STONE RD West
GUELPH Ontario
N1G4S9 Canada





Explanatory Note

This Equivalency Certificate provides an option for the transportation of dangerous goods UN3373, BIOLOGICAL SUBSTANCES, CATEGORY B., Class 6.2.

The Equivalency Certificate specifies the manner in which dangerous goods that are carcasses of animals or parts thereof, and other animal excreta, are to be packaged and transported when destined for disposal.

The Equivalency Certificate is not intended for shipments of diagnostic specimens or any infectious substances that are or reasonably believed to be included in Category A.

Legend for Certificate Number

SH - Road, SR - Rail, SA - Air, SM - Marine

SU - More than one Mode of Transport

Ren. - Renewal



Every packaging consists of:

(a) an inner packaging that is an industrial heavy duty plastic bag made of low density polyethylene (LDPE) or linear LDPE film having a thickness equal to or greater than 75 μm (3.0 mil) and that is securely closed with metal wire, tape or other equally effective means; and

(b) an outer packaging that is rigid, designed for repeated use, and securely closed during transport.

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