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Schedule 2

The TDG Regulations have been consolidated to include SOR/2017-137 (International Harmonization Update, 2016).

Disclaimer: These documents are not the official versions (more details).

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Special Provision NumberRegulation Description and Applicable UN Numbers
41Regulation Description:

(1)A person must not handle, offer for transport or transport UN3356, OXYGEN GENERATOR, CHEMICAL, that contains dangerous goods included in Class 5.1, Oxidizing Substances, unless:

(a)the oxygen generator is capable of withstanding a 1.8 m drop test onto a rigid, non-resilient, flat and horizontal surface, in the position that is most likely to cause damage, without loss of its contents and without its activation;

(b)if the oxygen generator is equipped with an activating device, it has at least two positive means to prevent an unintentional activation; and

(c) the oxygen generator is transported in a means of containment that is inside another means of containment so that, if the oxygen generator is activated,

(i)it will not activate other oxygen generators being transported in the same means of transport,

(ii)the means of containment will not ignite, and

(iii)the outside surface temperature of the outer means of containment will not exceed 100C.

(2) A person must not handle, offer for transport or transport an oxygen generator under this shipping name if it is equipped with an activating device that meets the criteria for inclusion in Class 1, Explosives.

Applicable UN Numbers:

42Regulation Description:


43Regulation Description:

Despite section 2.1 of Part 2, Classification, these dangerous goods are assigned to this classification based on human experience.


Applicable UN Numbers:

UN1230, UN1547, UN1577, UN1578, UN1590, UN1591, UN1661, UN1662, UN1663, UN1671, UN1673, UN1708, UN2023, UN2078, UN2311, UN2432, UN2474, UN2512, UN3409, UN3441, UN3442, UN3451, UN3458, UN3495
44Regulation Description:

45Regulation Description:

Maneb and maneb preparations that have been stabilized against self-heating do not have to be classified with a primary class of Class 4.2 or be assigned the UN number UN2210 if it can be demonstrated by testing that l m3 of the substance does not self-ignite and that the temperature at the centre of a l m3 sample does not exceed 200C when the sample is kept in a storage area maintained at a temperature of not less than 75C 2C for a period of 24 hours. In this case, the dangerous goods have the classification assigned to the UN number UN2968.

Applicable UN Numbers:

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48Regulation Description:

49Regulation Description:

50Regulation Description:


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