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Schedule 2

The TDG Regulations have been consolidated to include SOR/2017-137 (International Harmonization Update, 2016).

Disclaimer: These documents are not the official versions (more details).

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Special Provision NumberRegulation Description and Applicable UN Numbers
38Regulation Description:

A person must not handle, offer for transport or transport these dangerous goods in a large means of containment if they are in direct contact with the large means of containment.


Applicable UN Numbers:

UN1001, UN1045, UN1050, UN1058, UN1081, UN1194, UN1204, UN1222, UN1259, UN1261, UN1308, UN1310, UN1320 to UN1322, UN1324, UN1336, UN1337, UN1344, UN1347 to UN1349, UN1354 to UN1357, UN1360, UN1364, UN1378, UN1380, UN1383, UN1389, UN1391, UN1392, UN1396, UN1404, UN1407, UN1409 to UN1411, UN1413 to UN1415, UN1418, UN1419, UN1421, UN1426, UN1427, UN1432, UN1433, UN1436, UN1472, UN1491, UN1504, UN1510, UN1517, UN1556, UN1557, UN1569, UN1571, UN1575, UN1582, UN1589, UN1612, UN1614, UN1660, UN1693, UN1697 to UN1701, UN1714, UN1748, UN1749, UN1854, UN1855, UN1859, UN1865, UN1868, UN1870, UN1889, UN1911, UN1913, UN1953, UN1955, UN1957, UN1959, UN1967, UN1970, UN1975, UN1982, UN1994, UN2006, UN2008, UN2010 to UN2013, UN2036, UN2186, UN2188 to UN2190, UN2192, UN2194 to UN2199, UN2202 to UN2204, UN2417, UN2418, UN2420, UN2421, UN2451, UN2463, UN2466, UN2471, UN2480, UN2545 to UN2548, UN2555 to UN2557, UN2591, UN2626, UN2627, UN2676, UN2741, UN2806, UN2813, UN2814, UN2846, UN2852, UN2870, UN2881, UN2900, UN2901, UN2907, UN2956, UN2988, UN3048, UN3064, UN3083, UN3094 to UN3096, UN3101 to UN3108, UN3111 to UN3118, UN3124, UN3125, UN3129 to UN3132, UN3134, UN3135, UN3148, UN3160, UN3162, UN3221 to UN3241, UN3248, UN3249, UN3303 to UN3310, UN3317, UN3355, UN3364 to UN3370, UN3373, UN3376, UN3379, UN3380, UN3401, UN3402, UN3417, UN3448, UN3450, UN3474, UN3482, UN3485, UN3512, UN3514 to UN3518, UN3521 to UN3526
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