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Shipping Documents (Papers)

Shipping Documents (Papers) are synonymous and can be found as follows:

  • Road - kept in the cab of a motor vehicle
  • Rail - kept in possession of a crew member
  • Aviation - kept in possession of the aircraft pilot
  • Marine - kept in a holder on the bridge of a vessel

Shipping Documents (Papers) provide vital information regarding the hazardous materials/dangerous goods to initiate protective actions*

Information provided:

  • 4-digit identification number, UN or NA (go to yellow pages)
  • Proper shipping name (go to blue pages)
  • Hazard class or division number of material
  • Packing group
  • Emergency response telephone number
  • Information describing the hazards of the material (entered on or attached to shipping document)**
Sample shipping document

Example of Placard and Panel with ID Number

The 4-digit ID Number may be shown on the diamond-shaped placard or on an adjacent orange panel displayed on the ends and sides of a cargo tank, vehicle or rail car.

Sample Placard and Panel with ID number

*   For the purposes of this guidebook, the terms hazardous materials/dangerous goods are synonymous.

** In the United States, this requirement may be satisfied by attaching a guide from the ERG2016 to the shipping document, or by having the entire guidebook available for reference.

***In the United States, a registration or contract number is required on a shipping document.

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