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Notification and Request for Technical Information

Follow the steps outlined in your organization's standard operating procedures and/or local emergency response plan for obtaining qualified assistance. Generally, the notification sequence and requests for technical information beyond what is available in this guidebook should occur in the following order:

  1. Notify your Organization/Agency
    • Based on information provided, this will set in motion a series of events
    • Actions may range from dispatching additional trained personnel to the scene, to activating the local emergency response plan
    • Ensure that local fire and police departments have been notified
  2. Call the Emergency Response Telephone Number on the Shipping Document
    • If shipping paper is not available, use guidance under next section "National Assistance"
  3. National Assistance
    • Contact the appropriate emergency response agency listed on the inside back cover of this guidebook
    • Provide as much information about the hazardous material and the nature of the incident
    • The agency will provide immediate advice on handling the early stages of the incident
    • The agency will also contact the shipper or manufacturer of the material for more detailed information if necessary
    • The agency will request on-scene assistance when necessary
  4. Provide as much of the Following Information as Possible:
    • Your name, call-back telephone number, fax number
    • Location and nature of problem (spill, fire, etc.)
    • Name and identification number of material(s) involved
    • Shipper/consignee/point-of-origin
    • Carrier name, rail car or truck number
    • Container type and size
    • Quantity of material transported/released
    • Local conditions (weather, terrain)
    • Proximity to schools, hospitals, waterways, etc.
    • Injuries and exposures
    • Local emergency services that have been notified
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