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Canada and United States National Response Centers



    CANUTEC is the Canadian Transport Emergency Centre operated by the Transportation of Dangerous Goods Directorate of Transport Canada.

    CANUTEC provides a national bilingual (French and English) advisory service and is staffed by professional scientists experienced and trained in interpreting technical information and providing emergency response advice.

    In an emergency, CANUTEC may be called at
    1-888-CANUTEC (226-8832) or collect at 613-996-6666 (24 hours)
    *666 cellular (Press Star 666, Canada only)

    In a non-emergency situation, please call the information line at 613-992-4624 (24 hours).

  2. Provincial/Territorial Agencies

    Although technical information and emergency response assistance can be obtained from CANUTEC, there are federal, provincial and territorial regulations requiring the reporting of dangerous goods incidents to certain authorities.

    The following list of provincial/territorial agencies is supplied for your convenience.

    Province Emergency Authority and/or Telephone Number
    Alberta Local Police and Provincial Authorities 1-800-272-9600 or 780-422-9600
    British Columbia Local Police and Provincial Authorities 1-800-663-3456
    Manitoba Provincial Authority 204-945-4888 and Local Police or fire brigade, as appropriate
    New Brunswick Local Police or 1-800-565-1633
    Newfoundland and Labrador Local Police and 709-772-2083
    Northwest Territories 867-920-8130
    Nova Scotia Local Police or 1-800-565-1633
    Nunavut Local Police and 867-920-8130
    Ontario Local Police
    Prince Edward Island Local Police or 1-800-565-1633
    Quebec Local Police
    Saskatchewan Local Police or 1-800-667-7525
    Yukon Territory 867-667-7244


    1. The appropriate federal agency must be notified in the case of rail, air or marine incidents.
    2. The nearest police department must be notified in the case of lost, stolen or misplaced explosives, radioactive materials or infectious substances.
    3. CANUTEC must be notified in the case of:
      1. lost, stolen or unlawfully interfered with dangerous goods (except Class 9);
      2. an incident involving infectious substances;
      3. an accidental release from a cylinder that has suffered a catastrophic failure;
      4. an incident where the shipping documents display CANUTEC's telephone number 1-888-CANUTEC (226-8832) or 613-996-6666 as the emergency telephone number; or
      5. a dangerous goods incident in which a railway vehicle, a ship, an aircraft, an aerodrome or an air cargo facility is involved.
  3. Emergency Response Assistance Plans (Applied in Canada ONLY)

    An ERAP or Emergency Response Assistance Plan is an approved plan that describes what is to be done in the event of a transportation accident involving certain higher risk dangerous goods. The ERAP is required by the Canadian Transportation of Dangerous Goods Act for dangerous goods that require special expertise and response equipment to respond to an incident. The plan is intended to assist local emergency responders by providing them with technical experts and specially trained and equipped emergency response personnel at the scene of a dangerous goods incident.

    The ERAP will describe the specialized response capabilities, equipment and procedures that will be used to support a response to incidents involving high risk dangerous goods. The plan will also address emergency preparedness, including personnel training, response exercises and equipment maintenance. The ERAP plans supplement those of the carrier and of the local and provincial authorities, and must be integrated with other organizations to help mitigate the consequences of an accident.

    For shipments that require an ERAP, the ERAP number and the phone number to activate the ERAP will be included on the shipping document. If additional information is required, or to determine if the product involved in the emergency requires an ERAP, contact CANUTEC.

    CANUTEC may be called at 1-888-CANUTEC (226-8832)
    or collect at 613-996-6666 (24 hours)
    *666 on cellular phone (Press star 666) In Canada Only

United States

National Response Center (NRC)

The NRC, which is operated by the U.S. Coast Guard, receives reports required when dangerous goods and hazardous substances are spilled. After receiving notification of an incident, the NRC will immediately notify the appropriate Federal On-Scene Coordinator and concerned Federal agencies. Federal law requires that anyone who releases into the environment a reportable quantity of a hazardous substance (including oil when water is, or may be affected) or a material identified as a marine pollutant, must immediately notify the NRC. When in doubt as to whether the amount released equals the required reporting levels for these materials, the NRC should be notified.

Call NRC (24 hours)
(Toll-free in the U.S., Canada, and the U.S. Virgin Islands)
202-267-2675 in the District of Columbia
Calling the emergency response telephone number, CHEMTREC®, CHEMTEL, INC., INFOTRAC or 3E COMPANY, does not constitute compliance with regulatory requirements to call the NRC.

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