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Name of Material Index

Green Highlighted Entries in Blue Pages

For entries highlighted in green follow these steps:

  • If there is no fire:
    • Go directly to Table 1 (green bordered pages)
    • Look up the ID number and name of material
    • Identify initial isolation and protective action distances
  • if a fire is involved:
    • Also consult the assigned orange guide
    • If applicable, apply the evacuation information shown under Public Safety

NOTE 1: If the name in Table 1 is shown with "(when spilled in water)", these materials produce large amounts of Toxic Inhalation Hazard (TIH) (PIH in the US) gases when spilled in water. Some Water Reactive materials are also TIH materials themselves (e.g., Bromine trifluoride (UN1746), Thionyl chloride (UN1836), etc.). In these instances, two entries are provided in Table 1 for land-based and water-based spills. If the Water Reactive material is not a TIH and this material is not spilled in water, Table 1 and Table 2 do NOT apply and safety distances will be found within the appropriate orange guide.

NOTE 2: Explosives are not individually listed by their name because in an emergency situation, the response will be based only on the division of the explosive, not on the individual explosive.

For divisions 1.1, 1.2, 1.3 and 1.5, refer to Guide 112.

For divisions 1.4 and 1.6, refer to Guide 114.

Name of Material Guide No. ID No. WRM CWA TIH
Battery-powered vehicle (with lithium ion batteries)1473171   
Battery-powered vehicle (with sodium batteries)1383171   
Benzene phosphorus dichloride1372798   
Benzene phosphorus thiodichloride1372799   
Benzenesulfonyl chloride1562225   
Benzenesulphonyl chloride1562225   
Benzoyl chloride1371736   
Benzyl bromide1561737   
Benzyl chloride1561738   
Benzyl chloroformate1371739   
Benzylidene chloride1561886   
Benzyl iodide1562653   
Beryllium compound, n.o.s.1541566   
Beryllium nitrate1412464   
Beryllium powder1341567   
Bhusa, wet, damp or contaminated with oil1331327   
Bicyclo[2.2.1]hepta-2,5-diene, stabilized128P2251   
Biological agents158    
Biological substance, category B1583373   
(Bio)Medical waste, n.o.s.1583291   
Bipyridilium pesticide, liquid, flammable, poisonous1312782   
Bipyridilium pesticide, liquid, flammable, toxic1312782   
Bipyridilium pesticide, liquid, poisonous1513016   
Bipyridilium pesticide, liquid, poisonous, flammable1313015   
Bipyridilium pesticide, liquid, toxic1513016   
Bipyridilium pesticide, liquid, toxic, flammable1313015   
Bipyridilium pesticide, solid, poisonous1512781   
Bipyridilium pesticide, solid, toxic1512781   
Bisulfates, aqueous solution1542837   
Bisulfites, aqueous solution, n.o.s.1542693   
Bisulphates, aqueous solution1542837   
Bisulphites, aqueous solution, n.o.s.1542693   
Blasting agent, n.o.s.112    
Bleaching powder1402208   
Blue asbestos1712212   
Bombs, smoke, non-explosive, with corrosive liquid, without initiating device1532028   
Borate and Chlorate mixture1401458   
Boron tribromide1572692Water Reactive Material image TIH image
Boron trichloride1251741Water Reactive Material image TIH image
Boron trifluoride1251008  TIH image
Boron trifluoride, adsorbed1733519  TIH image
Boron trifluoride, compressed1251008  TIH image
Boron trifluoride, dihydrate1572851   
Boron trifluoride acetic acid complex1571742   
Boron trifluoride acetic acid complex, liquid1571742   
Boron trifluoride acetic acid complex, solid1573419   
Boron trifluoride diethyl etherate1322604   
Boron trifluoride dimethyl etherate1392965   
Boron trifluoride propionic acid complex1571743   
Boron trifluoride propionic acid complex, liquid1571743   
Boron trifluoride propionic acid complex, solid1573420   
Bromates, inorganic, aqueous solution, n.o.s.1403213   
Bromates, inorganic, n.o.s.1411450   
Bromine1541744  TIH image
Bromine, solution1541744  TIH image
Bromine, solution (Inhalation Hazard Zone A)1541744  TIH image
Bromine, solution (Inhalation Hazard Zone B)1541744  TIH image
Bromine chloride1242901  TIH image
Bromine pentafluoride1441745Water Reactive Material image TIH image
Bromine trifluoride1441746Water Reactive Material image TIH image
Bromoacetic acid1561938   
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