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Name of Material Index

In this table, the substances are listed in alphabetical order of material name.

The name of the substance is followed by the 3-digit guide number and the 4-digit ID Number.

An icon in the columns WRM, CWA and TIH indicates that the product is either, a water reactive material, a chemical warfare agent or a toxic inhalation hazard.


If the 3-digit guide number is supplemented with the letter "P", it indicates that the material may undergo violent polymerization if subjected to heat or contamination.

Polymerization generates heat and high pressure buildup inside containers, which may explode or rupture.

Green Highlighted Entries in Blue Pages

For entries highlighted in green follow these steps:

  • If there is no fire:
    • Go directly to Table 1 (green bordered pages)
    • Look up the ID number and name of material
    • Identify initial isolation and protective action distances
  • If there is a fire or A fire is involved:
    • Also consult the assigned orange guide
    • If applicable, apply the evacuation information shown under Public Safety

NOTE: If the name in Table 1 is shown with "When Spilled In Water", these materials produce large amounts of Toxic Inhalation Hazard (TIH) gases when spilled in water. Some Water Reactive materials are also TIH materials themselves (e.g., Bromine trifluoride (1746), Thionyl chloride (1836), etc.). In these instances, two entries are provided in Table 1 for land-based and water-based spills. If the Water Reactive material is not a TIH and this material is not spilled in water, Table 1 and Table 2 do not apply and safety distances will be found within the appropriate orange guide.

Name of Material Guide No. ID No. WRM CWA TIH
AC1171051 Chemical Warfare Agent image 
Acetaldehyde ammonia1711841   
Acetaldehyde oxime1292332   
Acetic acid, glacial1322789   
Acetic acid, solution, more than 10% but not more than 80% acid1532790   
Acetic acid, solution, more than 80% acid1322789   
Acetic anhydride1371715   
Acetone cyanohydrin, stabilized1551541Water Reactive Material image  
Acetone oils1271091   
Acetyl bromide1561716Water Reactive Material image  
Acetyl chloride1551717Water Reactive Material image  
Acetylene 1161001   
Acetylene, dissolved1161001   
Acetylene, solvent free1163374   
Acetylene, Ethylene and Propylene in mixture, refrigerated liquid containing at least 71.5% Ethylene with not more than 22.5% Acetylene and not more than 6% Propylene.1153138   
Acetylene tetrabromide1592504   
Acetyl iodide1561898Water Reactive Material image  
Acetyl methyl carbinol1272621   
Acid, sludge1531906   
Acid butyl phosphate1531718   
Acrolein, stabilized131P1092  TIH image
Acrolein dimer, stabilized129P2607   
Acrylamide, solid153P2074   
Acrylamide, solution153P3426   
Acrylic acid, stabilized132P2218   
Acrylonitrile, stabilized131P1093   
Adamsite1541698 Chemical Warfare Agent image 
Adhesives (flammable)1281133   
Aerosol dispensers1261950   
Air, compressed1221002   
Air, refrigerated liquid (cryogenic liquid)1221003   
Air, refrigerated liquid (cryogenic liquid), non-pressurized1221003   
Air bag inflators1713268   
Air bag inflators, compressed gas1263353   
Air bag inflators, pyrotechnic1713268   
Air bag modules1713268   
Air bag modules, compressed gas1263353   
Air bag modules, pyrotechnic1713268   
Aircraft hydraulic power unit fuel tank1313165   
Alcoholates solution, n.o.s., in alcohol1323274   
Alcoholic beverages1273065   
Alcohols, flammable, poisonous, n.o.s.1311986   
Alcohols, flammable, toxic, n.o.s.1311986   
Alcohols, n.o.s.1271987   
Alcohols, poisonous, n.o.s.1311986   
Alcohols, toxic, n.o.s.1311986   
Aldehydes, flammable, poisonous, n.o.s.1311988   
Aldehydes, flammable, toxic, n.o.s.1311988   
Aldehydes, n.o.s.1291989   
Aldehydes, poisonous, n.o.s.1311988   
Aldehydes, toxic, n.o.s.1311988   
Alkali metal alcoholates, self-heating, corrosive, n.o.s.1363206   
Alkali metal alloy, liquid, n.o.s.1381421   
Alkali metal amalgam1381389   
Alkali metal amalgam, liquid1381389   
Alkali metal amalgam, solid1381389   
Alkali metal amalgam, solid1383401   
Alkali metal amides1391390   
Alkali metal dispersion1381391   
Alkali metal dispersion, flammable1383482   
Alkaline earth metal alcoholates, n.o.s.1353205   
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