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Identification Number Index

Green Highlighted Entries in Yellow Pages

For entries highlighted in green follow these steps:

  • If there is no fire:
    • Go directly to Table 1 (green bordered pages)
    • Look up the ID number and name of material
    • Identify initial isolation and protective action distances
  • If a fire is involved:
    • Also consult the assigned orange guide
    • If applicable, apply the evacuation information shown under Public Safety

NOTE 1: If the name in Table 1 is shown with "(when spilled in water)", these materials produce large amounts of Toxic Inhalation Hazard (TIH) (PIH in the US) gases when spilled in water. Some Water Reactive materials are also TIH materials themselves (e.g., Bromine trifluoride (UN1746), Thionyl chloride (UN1836), etc.). In these instances, two entries are provided in Table 1 for land-based and water-based spills. If the Water Reactive material is not a TIH and this material is not spilled in water, Table 1 and Table 2 do NOT apply and safety distances will be found within the appropriate orange guide.

NOTE 2: Explosives are not individually listed by their ID number because in an emergency situation, the response will be based only on the division of the explosive, not on the individual explosive.
For divisions 1.1, 1.2, 1.3 and 1.5, refer to Guide 112.
For divisions 1.4 and 1.6, refer to Guide 114.

Guide No. Name of Material WRM CWA TIH
2069140Ammonium nitrate fertilizers, with Ammonium sulphate   
2070143Ammonium nitrate fertilizers, with Phosphate or Potash   
2071140Ammonium nitrate based fertilizer   
2072140Ammonium nitrate fertilizer, n.o.s.   
2073125Ammonia, solution, with more than 35% but not more than 50% Ammonia   
2074153PAcrylamide, solid   
2075153Chloral, anhydrous, stabilized   
2076153Cresols, liquid   
2076153Cresols, solid   
2077153Naphthylamine (alpha)   
2078156Toluene diisocyanate   
2186125Hydrogen chloride, refrigerated liquid  Toxic Inhalation Hazard image
2187120Carbon dioxide, refrigerated liquid   
2188119Arsine  Toxic Inhalation Hazard image
2188119SA Chemical Warfare Agent image 
2189119Dichlorosilane  Toxic Inhalation Hazard image
2190124Oxygen difluoride  Toxic Inhalation Hazard image
2190124Oxygen difluoride, compressed  Toxic Inhalation Hazard image
2191123Sulfuryl fluoride  Toxic Inhalation Hazard image
2191123Sulphuryl fluoride  Toxic Inhalation Hazard image
2192119Germane  Toxic Inhalation Hazard image
2193126Hexafluoroethane, compressed   
2193126Refrigerant gas R-116   
2193126Refrigerant gas R-116, compressed   
2194125Selenium hexafluoride  Toxic Inhalation Hazard image
2195125Tellurium hexafluoride  Toxic Inhalation Hazard image
2196125Tungsten hexafluoride  Toxic Inhalation Hazard image
2197125Hydrogen iodide, anhydrous  Toxic Inhalation Hazard image
2198125Phosphorus pentafluoride  Toxic Inhalation Hazard image
2198125Phosphorus pentafluoride, compressed  Toxic Inhalation Hazard image
2199119Phosphine  Toxic Inhalation Hazard image
2200116PPropadiene, stabilized   
2201122Nitrous oxide, refrigerated liquid   
2202117Hydrogen selenide, anhydrous  Toxic Inhalation Hazard image
2203116Silane, compressed   
2204119Carbonyl sulfide  Toxic Inhalation Hazard image
2204119Carbonyl sulphide  Toxic Inhalation Hazard image
2206155Isocyanate solution, poisonous, n.o.s.   
2206155Isocyanate solution, toxic, n.o.s.   
2206155Isocyanates, poisonous, n.o.s.   
2206155Isocyanates, toxic, n.o.s.   
2208140Bleaching powder   
2208140Calcium hypochlorite mixture, dry, with more than 10% but not more than 39% available Chlorine   
2209132Formaldehyde, solution (corrosive)   
2209132Formalin (corrosive)   
2210135Maneb preparation, with not less than 60% Maneb   
2211133Polymeric beads, expandable   
2211133Polystyrene beads, expandable   
2212171Asbestos, amphibole   
2212171Asbestos, blue   
2212171Asbestos, brown   
2212171Blue asbestos   
2212171Brown asbestos   
2214156Phthalic anhydride   
2215156Maleic anhydride   
2215156Maleic anhydride, molten   
2216171Fish meal, stabilized   
2216171Fish scrap, stabilized   
2217135Seed cake, with not more than 1.5% oil and not more than 11% moisture   
2218132PAcrylic acid, stabilized   
2219129Allyl glycidyl ether   
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