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Identification Number Index

Green Highlighted Entries in Yellow Pages

For entries highlighted in green follow these steps:

  • If there is no fire:
    • Go directly to Table 1 (green bordered pages)
    • Look up the ID number and name of material
    • Identify initial isolation and protective action distances
  • If a fire is involved:
    • Also consult the assigned orange guide
    • If applicable, apply the evacuation information shown under Public Safety

NOTE 1: If the name in Table 1 is shown with "(when spilled in water)", these materials produce large amounts of Toxic Inhalation Hazard (TIH) (PIH in the US) gases when spilled in water. Some Water Reactive materials are also TIH materials themselves (e.g., Bromine trifluoride (UN1746), Thionyl chloride (UN1836), etc.). In these instances, two entries are provided in Table 1 for land-based and water-based spills. If the Water Reactive material is not a TIH and this material is not spilled in water, Table 1 and Table 2 do NOT apply and safety distances will be found within the appropriate orange guide.

NOTE 2: Explosives are not individually listed by their ID number because in an emergency situation, the response will be based only on the division of the explosive, not on the individual explosive.
For divisions 1.1, 1.2, 1.3 and 1.5, refer to Guide 112.
For divisions 1.4 and 1.6, refer to Guide 114.

Guide No. Name of Material WRM CWA TIH
1742157Boron trifluoride acetic acid complex   
1742157Boron trifluoride acetic acid complex, liquid   
1743157Boron trifluoride propionic acid complex   
1743157Boron trifluoride propionic acid complex, liquid   
1744154Bromine  Toxic Inhalation Hazard image
1744154Bromine, solution  Toxic Inhalation Hazard image
1744154Bromine, solution (Inhalation Hazard Zone A)  Toxic Inhalation Hazard image
1744154Bromine, solution (Inhalation Hazard Zone B)  Toxic Inhalation Hazard image
1745144Bromine pentafluorideWater Reactive Material image Toxic Inhalation Hazard image
1746144Bromine trifluorideWater Reactive Material image Toxic Inhalation Hazard image
1747155ButyltrichlorosilaneWater Reactive Material image  
1748140Calcium hypochlorite, dry   
1748140Calcium hypochlorite mixture, dry, with more than 39% available Chlorine (8.8% available Oxygen)   
1749124Chlorine trifluoride  Toxic Inhalation Hazard image
1750153Chloroacetic acid, solution   
1751153Chloroacetic acid, solid   
1752156Chloroacetyl chlorideWater Reactive Material image Toxic Inhalation Hazard image
1753156ChlorophenyltrichlorosilaneWater Reactive Material image  
1754137Chlorosulfonic acid (with or without sulfur trioxide mixture)Water Reactive Material image Toxic Inhalation Hazard image
1754137Chlorosulphonic acid (with or without sulphur trioxide mixture)Water Reactive Material image Toxic Inhalation Hazard image
1755154Chromic acid, solution   
1756154Chromic fluoride, solid   
1757154Chromic fluoride, solution   
1758137Chromium oxychlorideWater Reactive Material image  
1759154Corrosive solid, n.o.s.   
1759154Ferrous chloride, solid   
1760154Chemical kit   
1760154Compounds, cleaning liquid (corrosive)   
1760154Compounds, tree or weed killing, liquid (corrosive)   
1760154Corrosive liquid, n.o.s.   
1760154Ferrous chloride, solution   
1761154Cupriethylenediamine, solution   
1762156CyclohexenyltrichlorosilaneWater Reactive Material image  
1763156CyclohexyltrichlorosilaneWater Reactive Material image  
1764153Dichloroacetic acid   
1765156Dichloroacetyl chlorideWater Reactive Material image  
1766156DichlorophenyltrichlorosilaneWater Reactive Material image  
1767155DiethyldichlorosilaneWater Reactive Material image  
1768154Difluorophosphoric acid, anhydrous   
1769156DiphenyldichlorosilaneWater Reactive Material image  
1770153Diphenylmethyl bromide   
1771156DodecyltrichlorosilaneWater Reactive Material image  
1773157Ferric chloride, anhydrous   
1774154Fire extinguisher charges, corrosive liquid   
1775154Fluoroboric acid   
1776154Fluorophosphoric acid, anhydrous   
1777137Fluorosulfonic acidWater Reactive Material image  
1777137Fluorosulphonic acidWater Reactive Material image  
1778154Fluorosilicic acid   
1778154Hydrofluorosilicic acid   
1779153Formic acid   
1779153Formic acid, with more than 85% acid   
1780156Fumaryl chloride   
1781156HexadecyltrichlorosilaneWater Reactive Material image  
1782154Hexafluorophosphoric acid   
1783153Hexamethylenediamine, solution   
1784156HexyltrichlorosilaneWater Reactive Material image  
1786157Hydrofluoric acid and Sulfuric acid mixture   
1786157Hydrofluoric acid and Sulphuric acid mixture   
1786157Sulfuric acid and Hydrofluoric acid mixture   
1786157Sulphuric acid and Hydrofluoric acid mixture   
1787154Hydriodic acid   
1788154Hydrobromic acid   
1789157Hydrochloric acid   
1789157Muriatic acid   
1790157Hydrofluoric acid   
1791154Hypochlorite solution   
1791154Sodium hypochlorite   
1792157Iodine monochloride, solid   
1793153Isopropyl acid phosphate   
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