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Guide 169


Name of Material
Aluminum, molten


  • Substance is transported in molten form at a temperature above 705°C (1300°F).
  • Violent reaction with water; contact may cause an explosion or may produce a flammable gas.
  • Will ignite combustible materials (wood, paper, oil, debris, etc.).
  • Contact with nitrates or other oxidizers may cause an explosion.
  • Contact with containers or other materials, including cold, wet or dirty tools, may cause an explosion.
  • Contact with concrete will cause spalling and small pops.


  • Contact causes severe burns to skin and eyes.
  • Fire may produce irritating and/or toxic gases.
  • CALL Emergency Response Telephone Number on Shipping Paper first. If Shipping Paper not available or no answer, refer to appropriate telephone number listed on the inside back cover.
  • As an immediate precautionary measure, isolate spill or leak area for at least 50 meters (150 feet) in all directions.
  • Stay upwind, uphill and/or upstream.
  • Keep unauthorized personnel away.
  • Ventilate closed spaces before entering.


  • Wear positive pressure self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA).
  • Wear flame-retardant structural firefighters' protective clothing, including faceshield, helmet and gloves, as this will provide limited thermal protection.


  • Do Not Use Water, except in life-threatening situations and then only in a fine spray.
  • Do not use halogenated extinguishing agents or foam.
  • Move combustibles out of path of advancing pool if you can do so without risk.
  • Extinguish fires started by molten material by using appropriate method for the burning material; keep water, halogenated extinguishing agents and foam away from the molten material.


  • Do not touch or walk through spilled material.
  • Do not attempt to stop leak, due to danger of explosion.
  • Keep combustibles (wood, paper, oil, etc.) away from spilled material.
  • Substance is very fluid, spreads quickly, and may splash. Do not try to stop it with shovels or other objects.
  • Dike far ahead of spill; use dry sand to contain the flow of material.
  • Where possible allow molten material to solidify naturally.
  • Avoid contact even after material solidifies. Molten, heated and cold aluminum look alike; do not touch unless you know it is cold.
  • Clean up under the supervision of an expert after material has solidified.


  • Ensure that medical personnel are aware of the material(s) involved and take precautions to protect themselves.
  • Move victim to fresh air.
  • Call 911 or emergency medical service.
  • Give artificial respiration if victim is not breathing.
  • Administer oxygen if breathing is difficult.
  • For severe burns, immediate medical attention is required.
  • Removal of solidified molten material from skin requires medical assistance.
  • Remove and isolate contaminated clothing and shoes.
  • In case of contact with substance, immediately flush skin or eyes with running water for at least 20 minutes.
  • Keep victim calm and warm.
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