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Urban Transportation Emission Calculator
The Urban Transportation Emissions Calculator (UTEC) is a user-friendly tool for estimating annual emissions from personal, commercial, and public transit vehicles. It estimates greenhouse gas (GHG) and criteria air contaminant (CAC) emissions from the operation of vehicles. It also estimates upstream GHG emissions from the production, refining and transportation of transportation fuels, as well as from production of electricity used by electric vehicles.

The primary input to the Tool is vehicle kilometres travelled (VKT) for road vehicles and passenger kilometres travelled (PKT) for rail vehicles. Modifying default values for other inputs, such as expansion factors, and fleet composition, to your local conditions is not required to run the Tool, but is recommended to improve the accuracy of results.

UTEC was upgraded to v.3.0 in 2011. A summary of key upgrades can be found in the “What’s New” page. Three major features have been introduced:
  • Enter inputs for two scenarios and compare emission results;
  • Estimate rail freight emissions from annual tonne kilometres inputs; and,
  • Addition of “Canada” in selection list of province/territory in the scenario input screen
To start the Tool and enter scenario inputs, click on “Go to UTEC Tool” below.

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