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Schedule 2

The TDG Regulations have been consolidated to include SOR/2017-137 (International Harmonization Update, 2016).

Disclaimer: These documents are not the official versions (more details).

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Special Provision NumberRegulation Description and Applicable UN Numbers
86Regulation Description:

Despite the index number in column 6(a) of Schedule 1, these dangerous goods may be handled, offered for transport or transported in accordance with section 1.31 of Part 1 (Coming into Force, Repeal, Interpretation, General Provisions and Special Cases) when they are in a quantity that is less than or equal to 100 articles.


Applicable UN Numbers:

UN0029, UN0030, UN0121, UN0131, UN0255, UN0267, UN0315, UN0325, UN0349, UN0360, UN0361, UN0367, UN0368, UN0454 to UN0456, UN0500
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