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Schedule 2

The TDG Regulations have been consolidated to include SOR/2017-137 (International Harmonization Update, 2016).

Disclaimer: These documents are not the official versions (more details).

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Special Provision NumberRegulation Description and Applicable UN Numbers
23Regulation Description:

(1) A person must not import, offer for transport, handle or transport these dangerous goods unless

(a) they are contained in a means of containment that is marked in accordance with section 4.23, or, for UN1005, ANHYDROUS AMMONIA, in a large means of containment, in accordance with section 4.18.2; and

(b) they are accompanied by a shipping document that complies with subparagraph 3.5(1)(c)(vii).

(2) This special provision does not apply to a person who transports these dangerous goods in accordance with an exemption set out in section 1.15, 1.17 or 1.17.1 of Part 1 (Coming into Force, Repeal, Interpretation, General Provisions and Special Cases).


Applicable UN Numbers:

UN1005, UN1008, UN1016, UN1017, UN1023, UN1026, UN1040, UN1045, UN1048, UN1050 to UN1053, UN1062, UN1064, UN1067, UN1069, UN1071, UN1076, UN1079, UN1082, UN1092, UN1098, UN1135, UN1143, UN1163, UN1182, UN1185, UN1238, UN1239, UN1244, UN1251, UN1259, UN1380, UN1510, UN1541, UN1560, UN1569, UN1580 to UN1582, UN1589, UN1595, UN1605, UN1612, UN1613, UN1647, UN1660, UN1670, UN1672, UN1695, UN1722, UN1741, UN1744 to UN1746, UN1749, UN1752, UN1754, UN1809, UN1810, UN1829, UN1831, UN1834, UN1838, UN1859, UN1892, UN1911, UN1953, UN1955, UN1967, UN1975, UN1994, UN2032, UN2186, UN2188 to UN2192, UN2194 to UN2199, UN2202, UN2204, UN2232, UN2334, UN2337, UN2382, UN2407, UN2417, UN2418, UN2420, UN2421, UN2438, UN2442, UN2474, UN2477, UN2480 to UN2488, UN2521, UN2534, UN2548, UN2605, UN2606, UN2644, UN2646, UN2668, UN2676, UN2692, UN2740, UN2743, UN2826, UN2901, UN3023, UN3057, UN3079, UN3083, UN3160, UN3162, UN3168, UN3169, UN3246, UN3294, UN3300, UN3303 to UN3310, UN3318, UN3355, UN3381 to UN3390, UN3488 to UN3491, UN3512, UN3514 to UN3526
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