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Schedule 2

The TDG Regulations have been consolidated to include SOR/2017-137 (International Harmonization Update, 2016).

Disclaimer: These documents are not the official versions (more details).

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Special Provision NumberRegulation Description and Applicable UN Numbers
155Regulation Description:

(1)If these dangerous goods are stabilized by temperature control, they must be offered for transport, handled and transported in accordance with section 7.1.6 of the UN Recommendations.

(2)If chemical stabilization is employed, the person offering the means of containment for transport must ensure that the level of stabilization will prevent a dangerous polymerization of the dangerous goods at a bulk mean temperature of 50C in the case of a small means of containment or an intermediate bulk container (IBC) or, in the case of a large means of containment that is not an IBC, at a bulk mean temperature of 45C.

(3)If chemical stabilization may become ineffective at lower temperatures within the anticipated duration of transport, temperature control is required. In determining whether chemical stabilization may become ineffective at lower temperatures, the person offering the means of containment for transport must take at least the following the factors into consideration:

(a)the capacity and geometry of the means of containment and the effect of any insulation;

(b)the temperature of the dangerous goods when offered for transport;

(c)the duration of the transport and the seasonal ambient temperature conditions typically encountered during transport; and

(d)the effectiveness and other physical or chemical properties of the stabilizer employed.


Applicable UN Numbers:

UN1010, UN1051, UN1060, UN1081, UN1082, UN1085 to UN1087, UN1092, UN1093, UN1143, UN1167, UN1185, UN1218, UN1246, UN1247, UN1251, UN1301 to UN1304, UN1545, UN1589, UN1614, UN1724, UN1829, UN1860, UN1917, UN1919, UN1921, UN1991, UN2055, UN2200, UN2218, UN2227, UN2251, UN2277, UN2283, UN2348, UN2352, UN2383, UN2396, UN2452, UN2521, UN2527, UN2531, UN2607, UN2618, UN2838, UN3022, UN3073, UN3079, UN3531 to UN3534
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