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Common Look and Feel Elements

The Government of Canada's Common Look and Feel (CLF) guidelines offer a collection of standards for the design and implementation of government Web sites, addressing such issues as accessibility, ease of navigation, and official languages. OLS adheres to the CLF, including use of the following specific elements in the Web application:

Transport Canada Header

The header that appears at the top of each page in the OLS application is common to all Transport Canada Extranet Web sites and consists of two elements:

Federal Identity Program

 Consists of the Transport Canada signature and Canada wordmark graphics.

Common Menu Bar
Language Toggles the language of the current screen and all subsequent screens between the two official languages. When the application is in English, the Fran├žais link displays. When the application is in French, the English link displays.
Contact Us Opens a page containing information on the contacts responsible for supporting the Transport Canada Web site. This includes the contact e-mail address, phone number, fax number, and mailing address. You can also submit comments and questions related to the Web site by completing a brief form. You record your name, e-mail address, topic and comments and then click Submit Feedback to deliver your comments to the TC contact.
Help Opens the corresponding help topic for the currently displayed screen.
Search Opens a Transport Canada Search page where you can specify a variety of search criteria to search for information within the Transport Canada Web site. You can search by keywords, for English and French documents, for documents modified as of a specific date, etc.
Canada Site Opens the Government of Canada main Web site

Transport Canada Footer

Top of Page Takes you back up to the top of the page you are currently viewing.
Date Modified Indicates the date the Web-based application was put on this Web site or was last upgraded. As the pages displayed are dynamically generated by a database, the date statement does not refer to the content that is being supplied.
Important Notices Opens a page that gives information concerning the Web site.

Further information on the Government of Canada's Common Look and Feel for the Internet can be found on the Treasury Board's Common Look and Feel Web site.