Transport Canada
Symbol of the Government of Canada

Approved/Accepted Organizations (AO): Help

Common Functionality

When you open the AO link provided by your administrator, you gain access to the AO web site.

Common screen functionality is used throughout the AO web site. The following items are available on all screens:

Transport Canada Header

Includes the Transport Canada and Government of Canada logos, as well as a menu bar that conforms to the Government On-line Common Look and Feel Standards.

Language link
Toggles the language of the current screen and all subsequent screens between the two official languages. When the application is in English, the Français link displays. When the application is in French, the English link displays.

Returns you to the home page of the Transport Canada Info Web site.

Contact Us link
Opens a page containing information on the contacts responsible for supporting the Transport Canada Web site. This includes the contact e-mail address, phone number, fax number, and mailing address. You can also submit comments and questions related to the Web site by completing a brief form. You record your name, e-mail address, topic and comments and then click Submit Feedback to deliver your comments to the TC contact.

Help link
Information about using the institutional Web site.

Opens a Transport Canada Search page where you can specify a variety of search criteria to search for information within the Transport Canada Web site. You can search by keywords, for English and French documents, for documents modified as of a specific date, etc.

Canada site link
Returns you to the home page of the Government of Canada Info Web site.