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Accepted Organizations

An organization that has been accepted to carry out maintenance on an aeronautical product based on a signed Technical Agreement between Transport Canada and the Foreign Civil Aviation Authority (FCAA). When a company is compliant, either a Certificate of Acceptance or a letter of acceptance is issued to the individual company accepting the categories and ratings listed on the domestic Certificate of Approval. EASA Accepted AMOs and TA Accepted AMOs are Transport Canada Approved Maintenance Organizations accepted by the EASA or Foreign CAA to carry out maintenance on a EASA or Foreign CAA aeronautical product. EASA Part-145 and TA Arrangement companies are EASA or Foreign CAA approved companies that are accepted by Transport Canada to carry out maintenance on Canadian aeronautical products.

The four categories of Accepted Organizations are:

  • EASA Accepted AMOs  

  • TA Accepted AMOs  

  • EASA Part-145  

  • Technical Arrangement