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General Search Results - Manufacturer

After you click Search, a Web page opens, listing all of the possible Manufacturer certificates. The total number of certificates is shown at the top left side of the page.

From this page you can select a manufacturer and verify the information contained in the certificate.

To view the information for a manufacturer
  • Click the certificate number located to the right of the organization name.

This page contains information about the organization, including:

  • Certificate Approval number

  • Company name

  • Company address

  • Phone number

  • Fax number

Every certificate will also contain one or more Category tabs that gives the rating and scope of work for each organization that has been issued a certificate.

Clicking on any of the Category tabs opens the corresponding tab page that contains the following information:

  • Model - gives a description of a specific part (or parts).

  • DOT Type Certificate -  A Type Certificate issued for an Aeronautical Product by the Minister of Transport for Canada that meets Type Design.

  • Foreign Type Certificate - A Type Certificate issued for an Aeronautical Product that meets Type Design by a Foreign Civil Aviation Authority.

The Category tabs available are: Aeronautical Products, Aircraft, Appliances, Avionics, Components, Engines, Instruments, Propellers, NDT, Structures, and Welding.