Forms Search

To search in the Transport Canada Forms Catalogue, you may use one or all of the three search fields: Keywords in Title, Form Number or Transportation Mode. Enter your information and click on Submit.

To search for a specific form, enter all or part of its name. For example, to access "Form 20 - Application for Registry (Small Vessel Register)" enter either:

  • all of its name -- "Form 20 - Application for Registry (Small Vessel Register)" (must be exact name)
  • part of its name -- "Application"
  • its form number -- "84-0166" in Form Number field

This program searches form titles and form numbers but not their contents.

Some tips for searching:

  • If you wish to list all the forms available, leave the Transportation Mode field at "All" and click on the Submit button. Available modes are: Air, Marine, Rail, Road and Dangerous Goods.
  • You can use upper-case and lower-case letters, numbers, hyphens, periods, and apostrophes.

** Paper Forms :

To inquire about paper forms available to the public, please call the TC Order Desk at 613-991-4071 or toll free 1-888-830-4911.

Please submit your feedback if you have any questions.

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