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Disclosure of Grants and Contributions

2013-2014 – 4rt Quarter (January 1-March 31)

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Date Recipient Name Purpose Value
19/03/2014 Algoma Central Railway A contribution towards operating expenses incurred by Algoma Central Railway during fiscal year 2013-2014 for the continuation of passenger rail services on its route between Sault Ste. Marie and Hearst in Ontario. $2,200,000.00
31/03/2014 BNSF Railway Company Contribution for grade crossing improvement projects on the New Westminster subdivision in the province of British Columbia. $32,400.00
04/02/2014 British Columbia Ferry Services Inc. Upgrade and expansion of shore power capabilities at six terminals. $2,047,875.00
28/03/2014 C.T.M.A. Traversier Ltee Transport Canada contributes to the ferry service between the Magdalen Islands, Que and Souris, PEI through a financial contribution to a private operator for operations and maintenance of the ferry service. $12,960,400.00
11/02/2014 Canadian National Railway Company A contribution to improve the safety of railway crossings across Canada, by funding grade crossing improvement projects and LED light installations. $5,266,473.50
27/03/2014 Canadian Pacific Railway Company Contribution for the grade crossing improvement project at mile 3.25 of the Waterloo subdivision and Bishop Street. $178,106.33
07/03/2014 City of Brampton To fund phase II of the Brampton Bus Rapid Transit system. $42,000,000.00
08/01/2014 City of Kamloops A contribution to improve the safety of the railway crossing at mile 7.43 Ashcroft subdivision and Tranquille Road, by installing LED-enhanced advance-warning chevron signs at the crossing. $31,072.00
31/03/2014 Concordia University Proof-of-concept in Future Railway Electrification: Way-side Wireless DC Fast Charging Infrastructure for Ultracapacitor-Based Metro Rail Traction System $25,000.00
21/03/2014 Exploits Valley Port Corporation The contribution is to be used exclusively for the operation and maintenance costs of the port's infrastructure. $8,864,376.43
04/02/2014 Huron Central Railway, Inc. A contribution towards grade crossing improvement projects. $143,904.00
18/03/2014 Interdisciplinary Center for the Development of Ocean Mapping Sea and Airborne Laboratory for Canada’s North Hydrographic Surveying. $50,000.00
14/03/2014 Main Brook Research and Development Corporation The contribution is to be used exclusively for the operation and maintenance costs of the port's infrastructure. $661,742.77
23/09/2013 Manitoba Infrastructure and Transportation (MIT) A contribution to provide funding for the project "Pembina-Emerson Port of Entry Transportation Study", for the preparation of a long range transportation facility improvement and land use plan. $315,000.00
31/03/2014 McGill University Reducing Chlorine Emissions from Rail Cars: The New Generation of Lightweight High Capacity Fast Acting Graphene Based Absorbents. $25,000.00
05/03/2014 Nanaimo Port Authority Refurbishment of the Assembly Wharf at the Port of Nanaimo by rehabilitating an aging dock and installing a container crane to handle short-sea shipping operations. $4,650,000.00
24/03/2014 Province of British Columbia Contribution for the grade crossing improvement project at mile 0.63 Taylor Industrial Lead and Highway 97. $40,682.50
14/03/2014 Province of Newfoundland and Labrador Rehabilitation of the Trans-Canada Highway to provide efficient and safe vehicle travel, and replacement of the Sir Robert Bond Bridge with realignment of the connecting roadway. $15,891,000.00
28/03/2014 Province of Nova Scotia Funding for three bridge improvement projects in the Province of Nova Scotia: Sydney River Bridge, Humes River Bridge, and East River Bridge. $13,904,900.00
31/03/2014 Province of Nova Scotia Funding for the Rehabilitation of the Canso Causeway and Swing Bridge in Port Hastings, Nova Scotia. $9,000,000.00
07/02/2014 St John’s International Airport Authority Funding for a modification to the existing Strategic Airfield Accessibility Improvement Project to include the removal of terrain obstacles in the runway strip. $3,790,000.00
04/02/2014 St. Lawrence and Atlantic Railroad (Quebec), Inc. A contribution for grade crossing improvement projects. $265,561.03
26/03/2014 Terrace Kitimat Airport Society Airfield Electrical Rehabilitation $3,706,121.00
28/03/2014 The Corporation of The City of Sarnia To transfer the port of Sarnia to the Corporation of The City of Sarnia. $8,565,953.28
17/03/2014 The Government of Yukon Sensitivity of Dempster Highway Hydrological Response to Climate Warming. $344,000.00
26/03/2014 Township of Montague A contribution for the grade crossing improvement project at mile 118.90 Winchester subdivision and Wood Road. $92,936.00
11/03/2014 University of Alberta Study of potential impacts of climate change on the future streamflow and water levels of the Mackenzie River. $225,000.00
31/03/2014 University of Alberta Optimal rotor design and manufacturing for kinetic energy storage and recovery units for rail systems. $25,000.00
27/03/2014 University of Alberta Study the potential impacts of a northern shipping route into Canada via the Arctic. $194,675.00
31/03/2014 University of Alberta Reducing Inter-Modal Train Emissions via Optimized Container Placement. $25,000.00
31/03/2014 University of Alberta Minimize locomotive Diesel engine fuel consumption and exhaust emissions when burning natural gas with a pilot Diesel injection. $25,000.00
31/03/2014 University of Calgary Reduction of Friction Losses through Functional Surface Patterns $25,000.00
18/03/2014 University of Manitoba Climate Impacts, Marine Transportation and the Churchill Gateway System: Education and Outreach for Transportation Professionals, University and High School Students $49,985.00
31/03/2014 University of Ontario Smart Energy Management Options for Liquefied natural gas (LNG) Locomotive Systems. $25,000.00
18/03/2014 University of Ottawa Quantifying the Temporal Variability of Iceberg Fluxes from the Canadian High Arctic. $50,000.00
18/03/2014 University of Victoria Expanding User-Driven Monitoring of Adverse Marine and Weather States in the Western Canadian Arctic. $50,000.00
31/03/2014 University of Western Ontario PURe Light Rail - Innovative Compression Moulded Polyurethane Composites for Lightweight Railway Applications $25,000.00
18/03/2014 Université de Montréal Innovation in Geotechnical Permafrost Engineering: Evaluation of a New Technique for Measuring the Thermal Capacity of Frozen and Unfrozen Soils $50,000.00
31/03/2014 Université du Québec à Rimouski (UQAR) Rail Consumption reduction for Diesel Locomotives using pneumatic hybridization. $25,000.00
28/03/2014 Vancouver Fraser Port Authority To reduce air pollutant and greenhouse gas emissions from transportation. $855,000.00
31/03/2014 École Polytechnique de Montréal Autonomous energy storage unit for regenerative braking in fuel-powered trains. $25,000.00
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